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I think that the technological innovations could be very useful, but there is a social breakdown that has to be addressed first: the students do not have the ability to pay attention without discipline or good classroom management. I just finished being dragged through Gunther Kress's multimodality stuff (he is a Brit who studies these things) and I heard endless mutimodal ideas that seemed very exciting to the people who had never taught before. But for me, I focus still on training my students to produce good writing and good thinking. They can play with visual things elsewhere. Educators fell for the tech delusion years ago and started thinking that they could create CD-ROMs for classroom use. Remember CD-ROMs? That thing everyone expected to take off? My biggest concern about the grafting of tech onto education is: educators seem to be trying to take something that students enjoy and turn it into something that they can fool students into paying attention to. And that's just plain wrong.

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