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Review of the medication Diflucan

What are the brand names of Diflucan and forms of this medication?
Diflucan or its generic name Fluconazole is prescribed to treat fungi infections. The medicine is produced as 50, 100, 150 and 200 mg tablets for oral administration. It can be a powder for oral suspension. It can be stored in Viaflex Plus plastic containers. It can be used for 2 mg per ml injections.
Who should not take Diflucan?
There are cases when some patients are allergic to the drug or have problems with health such as liver disease, kidney disease or long QY syndrome. It's rated as a pregnancy risk category C. If the women are pregnant with a baby or nursing it this drug can't prescribed by the physician. So first of all the patient should consult professional doctor.
What are the side effects of Diflucan?
It's a serious chemical medication so there are side effects as well. If it's an allergic reaction on the consumption of this drug the patient will experience such side effects as swelling of a face and difficulty in breathing. An emergency medical help should be performed. Other serious side effects can appear after some consumption period. They are severe blistering, low fever, vomiting, nausea, jaundice, body aches, symptoms as if the patient has a flu, easy bruising, dark in color urine, seizures, convulsions, fevers, bleeding without any evident reasons, loss of the appetite, diarrhea, skin rash.
How does it work? How should I use this medication?
This medication is a chemical compound so it can weaken the immune system. If the patient has vaginal yeast infections the standard dose of Diflucan is 150 mg. For thrush, the dosage that is recommended by the doctors on the first day is 200 mg, then it should be reduced to the dose of 100 mg a day for two to three weeks. The dosage will be prescribed by the doctor. The medicine should be taken on the scheduled time. It greatly helps but as any other serious drug has side effects. The patients should understand it's not a placebo against fungi that cause the infection of the different parts of the patient's body.

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