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: 13.04.2016
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Rockstar Exoclick Media Buyer fulltime. $3000. - , - . - . - skype.

: 3000 / .

What you will do :
Starting new campaigns for different segments of the given market
Evaluating already running campaigns, checking for productivity based on eCPC/eCPM/eCPA/CTR
Based on your insights you will issue modifications which allow you to maintain positive ROI or increase volumes with lower profit but higher end-user value
Reporting from overall activities, brainstorming on possible ways to increase ROI
Constant brainstorming regarding the improvement of the existing landing pages, banners, etc.
Occasional travel to trade shows around the world, for improving your knowledge and maintaining business relationships

What you need for this role :
Proven working experience in Exo Click interface (13 years)
Proof of experience in successful media buying campaigns
English proficiency (both writing and speaking)
Self-organized and interested in constantly monitoring the achieved results
Strong analytical skills and data-driven thinking
Solid knowledge of website analytics tools (e.g., Voluum, Excel, Google Analytics)
Experience in optimizing landing pages and user funnels
Experience with A/B and multivariate testing methods
Ability to do monotonous tasks which require a high level of concentration (e.g., setting up campaigns, uploading banners, reporting)

What we can offer you:
Competitive salary package;
Private medical insurance;
Financial support for professional training courses and certifications;
Monthly Team Building activities;
Qualified mentors;
Working for one of the online industry leaders;
Top office facilities and state-of-the-art IT equipment;

email: softwaredept.ksoft@gmail.com
skype: softwaredept.ksoft
: +375 44 4973670 ( )